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“Going out to play” used to mean just that. It was all parents needed to say – all kids needed to hear. I remember coming home from school, changing into play clothes, hopping on my bike and playing for hours until I knew I was expected home for dinner. During those hours of free time and play, I created memories, forged friendships –these are a part of what helped mold me into the person I am today.

But things are different today: kids are scheduled morning ‘til night with organized sports, music lessons, dance, karate; and then of course, they have to fit in homework and other school-related events. Free time isn’t something that most kids have in their busy lives today.

It’s time to re-level the playing field – creating spaces and opportunities for great play experiences. Because the world needs play. And if we believe recent studies that suggest children spend 50% less time in unstructured outdoor activities, the “needs” have never been more urgent. Remind the world how it’s done, and why it matters.

So join us. Become a play activist, where imaginations run wild. Together, we can save play.

We look forward to a year filled with laughter and play.

Playfully Yours,

Matthew Miller
Son, Father & CEO, Playworld Systems, Inc.



Our History
We've spent the last 40+ years refining the world's best play experiences, one playground at a time.
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Our Values
We believe The World Needs Play. Therefore we'll provide you with the world's best play experience.
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How We Work
We're your collaborative partner in play. And we'll be here for you in every step of your play project.
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Playworld Systems products are made in the U.S.A., in our central Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, from domestic and foreign content.
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Inclusive Play
At Playworld Systems, we believe truly great outdoor play environments are for everyone.
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Imagine making play your life's work. At Playworld Systems, it can be!
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