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PlaySimple® Product Overview

At Playworld Systems, we understand how play benefits every aspect of a child's wellness and development. But we also realize your play budget is probably pretty tight. So we created PlaySimple, a new line of professional-grade playgrounds engineered to deliver all the benefits of play at an easy-to-afford price.


PlaySimple is perfect for:

  • Daycare centers
  • Places of worship
  • Community and neighborhood associations
  • Rural parks and schools
  • Smaller municipalities

Or in other words, any organization or community that values play and getting the most from every dollar.

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Do-it-yourself Installation

The quality of PlaySimple is professional-grade. But the installation is do-it-yourself. No special skills are required. The tools you need are pretty basic:

  • 4' & 6' level
  • rubber mallet
  • 9/16" wrench
  • tape measure
  • alignment tool
  • ratchet & 9/16" & 1/4" socket
  • utility knife

Everything you need to know is covered in the PlaySimple Installation Instructions:

  • installation prep
  • step-by-step instructions
  • safety information
  • suggested maintenance schedule & record


The Research Behind PlaySimple

The affordable quality of PlaySimple was borne from two very separate realities. In challenging economic times, play is often treated as a luxury. Yet play is absolutely essential to a child's physical, intellectual and emotional development and well-being, as study after study confirms:

  • Children with a park playground within one kilometer were almost five times more likely to be classified as being of a healthy weight.1
  • Pre-school children who attend nurseries that incorporate a large amount of time spent outdoors have fewer instances of non-attendance due to illness.
  • By age 10, children who played in kindergarten are more advanced in reading and mathematics, better adjusted emotionally and socially than children who didn't.2

Playworld Systems has spent over 40 years refining the world's best play experiences. With PlaySimple, we're helping more children everywhere enjoy the boundless potential and endless value of play.

  2. Edward Miller and Joan Almon, Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School, College Park, MD: Alliance for Childhood, 2009


Ruggedly Built

PlaySimple is commercial-grade public playground equipment, built to withstand bad weather, vandalism, and lots of rigorous play. All materials are PVC-free. And the entire structure is backed by a 5-year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.

Affordably Priced

Playworld Systems designers and engineers found innovative ways to build an affordable line of playground equipment that doesn't sacrifice quality. Everything's made in the USA. And the price we quote is always the lowest price. No tricks. No fine print. No hassles.

Simply Fun

PlaySimple comes in eight designs to meet your specific needs. It's easy to install. And it delivers a wide range of fun activities that help build a child's agility, dexterity, body strength, self-confidence, and gross motor and socialization skills.


PlaySimple Reviews & Testimonials

"We decided to buy PlaySimple for many reasons, affordability and quality being two major ones. It's also made locally in Lewisburg, PA by Playworld Systems, a family-owned business, which I really appreciate as well. In our pre-school, we have 110 kids ranging in age from 2-5 years old. Some of our children have special needs, so it's wonderful that PlaySimple really makes play accessible to all of our students."

Tina Palguta, Director
Kids Express Preschool, Lancaster, PA
Accredited member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and affiliated with Grace Church at Willow Valley.

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