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Origins™ Product Overview

Build an Origins natural playground and kids will quickly start to blossom. Studies show that playtime in natural playgrounds stimulates all aspects of childhood development, from coordination and balance to problem-solving skills.1 Origins' ground-breaking holistic design approach maximizes these benefits by blurring the line between nature and a structured play environment.

Choose from a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional play activities that reconnect children to nature, including:

  • GardenScapes - Gardening-based play activities that create teachable moments about plants and the planet.
  • Boulders and Rope Climbers - The lifelike climbing experience that looks and feels just like real rock.
  • T-Rex and Diggables - A lifelike, pre-historic pretend play experience for toddlers and kids.
Plus! Check out our Nature-Themed Play Equipment

A 3-D pretend play experience that lets kids imaginations run wild.

  1. White, Randy. "Benefits for Children of Play in Nature." White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group. Web. 21 July 2010.

Origins™ Products:

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Origins™ GardenScapes
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Origins™ Boulder Ropes
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