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LifeTrail® Product Overview

Give older, active adults the freedom of revitalizing fitness with LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System, the outdoor workout designed to make it easier for users to perform daily tasks and enjoy a better quality of life.

Developed in collaboration with American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) Functional Fitness Certified kinesiology and gerontology specialist Danielle DuVall, the advanced system includes 21 activity panels built on the principles of functional fitness: progressively challenging exercises patterned after the twists, turns, and movements of everyday life.

The result: Adults are stronger and have more energy to complete the real-life activities that matter most.

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How it Works

LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System promotes the essential elements of good health for older adults, from good posture and balance, to greater flexibility, strength, and endurance. Here's how it does it:

Functional Fitness
Functional fitness exercises emulate natural movement patterns, like squatting, bending, and pulling, for greater ease with real-life tasks.

Closed-Chain Exercises
Rather than isolating the muscles to work them independently, LifeTrail uses closed-chain exercises, an integrated approach that keeps the user's feet in contact with the ground as they bear their own weight, making the muscles work together just as they do in daily life.

Body-Weight Training
Users apply their own body weight as resistance to build total-body strength, flexibility, and balance.

Joint Stabilization
A complete workout on LifeTrail actively stretches most of the body's muscles-including the smaller, joint-stabilizing muscles that many workouts overlook.

Up to three levels of intensity allow users to work out at their comfort level-and progress as their fitness improves.

Each station offers three activity panels and multiple exercises to keep workouts fun and challenging, which keeps users motivated to exercise regularly.

Ease of Use
Large images and text make the instructions easy to read and understand. Plus, safety bars help beginners get accustomed to the equipment, but can be relied upon less as comfort level grows.


Residents of the RiverWoods Senior Living Community in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania participated in a research study that tracked their progress as they exercised on the LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System over a six-week period. On average, participants saw significant improvements in five key areas of physical wellness.

Measured Capability Test (see details below) Average Result

Lower body strength

Chair Stand

31% improvement

Upper body strength

Arm Curls

49% improvement

Agility & dynamic balance

8' Up-and-Go

14% improvement

Aerobic endurance

6 Minute Walk

6% improvement


Single Leg Balance

13% improvement

To measure the participants' progress, the Rikli & Jones' Senior Fitness Test, a nationally recognized fitness test for older adults, was administered immediately before and after the six-week study. The test includes:

  • Chair stand- number of sit-to-stand reps in 1 minute (lower-body strength)
  • Arm curl- number of reps in 1 minute (upper-body strength)
  • Chair sit & reach- ability to reach toes from seated position (lower body flexibility)
  • 6-minute walk- distance covered in 6 minutes (aerobic endurance)
  • Back scratch- distance between fingertips behind back (upper body flexibility)
Download the Research

Want to learn more about the LifeTrail research findings? Get the complete study here.

LifeTrail Research Study Fall 2009

Reviews & Testimonials

Participants in the LifeTrail fitness study were asked to share their personal results and reviews after using the system for six weeks. Watch interviews with the participants on the right. Or click on the Research tab to learn more about the study.

User Testimonials
'Someone told me getting older is not for sissies. I understand what they mean when I get out of bed in the mornings and just ache. So I go out and use LifeTrail. It makes me feel better all over and also feel like I've accomplished something worthwhile. LifeTrail is really making a difference in my life.'

Gerry's LifeTrail Results:

  • 17% improvement in upper-body strength
  • 17% improvement in lower-body strength

'LifeTrail is great for me because it makes me go outdoors to participate. I love the flexibility to make adjustments to the program and do the exercises at my own pace. I feel better all over and have more energy to face life.'

Jeanette's LifeTrail Results:

  • 27% increase in upper-body strength
  • 24% improvement in agility and dynamic balance
  • 18% increase in lower-body strength

'LifeTrail makes me feel positive about life. It strengthens my arms, stomach muscles, and legs, and gives me more energy for the rest of my day.'

Gladys' LifeTrail Results:

  • 33% increase in upper-body strength
  • 13% increase in lower-body strength

'Seeing the LifeTrail equipment on campus reminds us that we need to get out and exercise. After we do the exercises, we actually feel the benefits and increased mobility. It's been a great addition to our campus and to our own well-being.'

Joan's LifeTrail Results:

  • 78% increase in lower-body strength
  • 29% increase in upper-body strength
  • 24% improvement in agility and dynamic balance

Bruce's LifeTrail Results:

  • 24% increase in upper-body strength
  • 9% improvement in agility and dynamic balance

'I recently had a stroke which took away control of my right side. LifeTrail uses muscles I don't ordinarily use, even with my limited mobility, and gets me outside with friends. The exercises are really helping me.'

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