Fort Fun

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Fort Fun

Newport News, VA
Local Distributor: All Recreation

Located in Huntington Park on a bluff overlooking the beautiful James River, Fort Fun playground was designed with a nod to the history of the area, as well as to the old wooden structure it replaced. The new equipment is reminiscent of tree houses, forts and sailing ships, and combines both nature and nautical themes into one whimsical play space.

Fort Fun features:

  • Large nature-themed playground with a tall center tower topped with a Hat Shade for added sun protection.
  • Two pirate ships strategically placed next to one another, each with its own Drum Cannon Panel, Bow & Stern Climbers and Jolly Roger Flags, all of which encourage imaginative play.
  • Play space for young children ages 2-5, complete with swings, a climbing tunnel and spring riders.

“We were very impressed with how the playground was designed and installed. During any given day, the entire playground is abuzz with children playing!“
-Walter B. Sweat

Key Features:

Product: #350-1352
  • Ages 5-12
  • 114' 7" x 123' 3"
    (34,92m x 37,57m)
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