Zahra Baker All Children's Playground

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Zahra Baker All Children’s Playground

Hickory, NC
Local Distributor: Playworld Preferred

Located in Kiwanis Park, Zahra Baker All Children’s Playground was built as a memorial for Zahra Baker, a local child who had been tragically murdered. The people of Hickory wanted to take an extremely heartbreaking situation and create something good from it. They decided to create an inclusive playground where people of all ages and abilities can play together. Thanks to donations from all across the globe, they did just that.

Local Kiwanis clubs spearheaded the fundraising efforts. And the community rallied together to help raise the rest, as well as to actually build the playground.

It has become a true destination park where people of all abilities fill the playground daily. Among the most popular activities on the new playground are the 50’ (15,24m) Hill Slide, the accessible AeroGlider, PlayWeb® and Activo®.

Key Features:

Product: #500-1358
  • Ages 5-12
  • 117' 10'' x 115'
    (35,92m x 35,05m)
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