Mallard Park

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Mallard Park

Caldwell, ID
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The playground in Mallard Park is the first in the City of Caldwell to be an all-inclusive playground. The need to be able to provide a playground to all kids regardless of their physical or mental abilities was the important goal of this playground.

The Parks Department Superintendent, Vinton Howell and Ricardo Calderon, Associate Engineer and Project Engineer/Manager for the Park, participated on the committee and presented the idea to the mayor and city council for approval.

The result is a truly exceptional playground that’s easy for kids to navigate. The inclusive AeroGlider, and unique Drop Zone “elevator rides” are very popular. The wide ramps also are very helpful and provide adequate space for two wheelchairs to pass each other. And the park’s location makes it tranquil with easy access. It’s surrounded on two sides by farm fields and a former gravel pit, and across the road is Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and Lake Lowell, and there are subdivisions on one side.

Key Features:

Product: #500-1359
  • Ages 5-12
  • 80' 2'' x 61' 4''
    (24,43m x 18,69m)
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