Stimulate your budget with a playground equipment grant

With physical fitness and healthy development being critical issues in public policy, playground equipment grant opportunities are abound. Take advantage of Playworld's FREE grant resources guide here or talk to your local Playworld representative to see how you can earn playground equipment grant money for your playground project.

Your playground equipment grant resources guide
Not sure where to look for grant funding? Playworld has created a comprehensive grant resources guide, a directory of national and state grant-giving organizations that support playground and fitness projects. Download your FREE copy now.

Local playground equipment grant resources
Generating public awareness is critical to generating donations. A good public relations campaign should include the following:
  • Call on your local government and non-profit organizations to see what grants for playground equipment are available in your area.
  • City or county government offices, like the mayor's office
  • School board
  • Park & recreation department
  • Library
  • Local grant-making foundations that support citizen initiatives
  • United Way and similar non-profit organizations
Download your FREE
copy now.