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Play for all

Visit almost any playglifetrail Play for all round and chances are you’ll witness children having fun as they run, climb, spin and swing. What you usually don’t see are adults being equally as active.

As …

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The Value of Play

At the end of February, the US Play Coalition hosted its annual Value of Play Conference.value of play logo The Value of Play  Unlike other conferences where you typically have people from the same field discussing various issues, the …

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apple heart We February is American Heart Month, a national observance designated by the American Heart Association to call attention to heart disease.  One third of all American deaths are related to heart disease, with …

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Are Playgrounds Too Safe? I Think Not.

NEOS2 Are Playgrounds Too Safe? I Think Not.

Lately we have been reading about playgrounds that are too safe, too boring, not challenging enough and so on. We even see studies that claim boring playgrounds lead to sedentary kids. We …

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LEEDing the Way with Play

rocky grove1 LEEDing the Way with PlayEven through these economic struggles, when development has slowed to a near standstill in places, one trend remains constant. The number of projects with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED…

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Boring Playgrounds = Sedentary Kids

Could our societal priorities for young children – safety and school readiness – be hindering children’s physical development?

Recent research published in the February 2012 issue of Pediatrics magazine identified three primary …

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Today’s children – fragile, handle with care?

It’s natural for parentsbubble wrap 22 Today’s children – fragile, handle with care? to worry about their children, but today, some take being protective to extremes. A new reality show aims to help these worried parents give kids back their childhoods.…

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One nation, overweight

Recently,prevalence overweight One nation, overweight the Kansas City Star reported on Cali Ann Denham, an individual who has the cholesterol, high blood pressure and triglycerides of a middle-aged woman. The problem is that Cali is just …

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