Haiti: Day 5

By Julie Rearick

The ribbon-cutting is today at 10:00 am, but we left at our normal time of 7 a.m., so we could decorate the playground with balloons and ribbons.  Families stood in every available space to watch in anticipation.  As I looked around, I thought how clean and respectable they have been all week.  This amazes me when I consider their living environment.

The mayor of Carrefour spoke some words of thanks and cut the ribbon.  Then children ran and screamed with delight.  There are no words to express my emotions.  Mardoche` was holding my hand and saw my tears.  When I pulled out my tissues, he took them and said, “me” and then took them and wiped my face.  It was a moment in my life I will never forget!

A few hours later we said our goodbyes.  I promised to send clothes and basic supplies when I get home.  I am pretty sure I will return to this place.  When I got back to my room, I thought of Darrell Hammond the founder of KaBOOM!, and remembered something he said in his book How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play.  I brought a copy along to give to Pastor Randy and pulled it out of my suitcase and found this quote:  “It’s all too easy to remain passive and think that someone else is going to fix things.  Instead, people need to step forward and be the spark that ignites change.”  How true!


  1. susan | July 6, 2011

    Julie, I’m so inspired by your posts from the Haiti trip! Thank you for your work in Carrefour and thanks to your colleagues for the donation of Playworld equipment. See you in Lewisburg next month, I hope.

  2. Johanna | July 6, 2011

    Your experience touches my heart. Thank you for your selfless effort to bring play and love to those in need. Keep going, onward and upward!

  3. Kathryn | July 7, 2011


    Thank you for sharing your experience – it is an inspiration!

  4. Andy Bryant | July 7, 2011

    Great account of your experience in Haiti, Julie! I’m so proud of you and your commitment to those desperate children. My wife & I are going down there in Sept. to help build small houses – maybe we’ll see your new playground!!

  5. Julie | July 9, 2011

    Here is a link to my photos. I didn’t take as many as I would have liked, but they will give you an idea of what the area looked like before and after the installation. Thank you for your comments.


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