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Value of contiguous play

350 1210 REN A Value of contiguous play Playgrounds are often designed with equipment that is arranged by level of difficulty.  This means the most challenging climbers are together and on the other side of the playground are easier climbers.  …

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Levels of challenge on the playground

One of the purposes of a balance trax Levels of challenge on the playgroundplayground is to challenge children to try new things and push themselves physically and emotionally. Playgrounds also provide a place where children socialize and learn to …

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In defense of the fence

tejofence5 In defense of the fence

The Inclusive Play Design Guide (IPDG) recommends that when building an inclusive playground a perimeter boundary needs to be created around the entire play space with only one or two entrances. (LA-4)  …

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Laying out your playground for children with autism

CozyCoon Laying out your playground for children with autismWhen designing an inclusive playground the layout of the space is crucial, particularly when part of the goal is to ensure children with autism can also find enjoyment.  Many children with autism …

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Planning for inclusive play

clipart2 Planning for inclusive playBuilding a great inclusive playground requires dreaming, planning and believing from numerous people.  For anyone interested in creating an inclusive play space, the first step is to pull together all of the …

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April is Autism Awareness Month

autism society1 April is Autism Awareness MonthThe Autism Society  has celebrated National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s in order to create an increased understanding of autism, a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and …

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Free Resource for Creating Inclusive Play Spaces

Developing an incluiped logo Free Resource for Creating Inclusive Play Spaces sive playground is not an easy task.  Playworld Systems recently released a must-have resource for people interested in developing an inclusive playground.  The new Inclusive Play Design Guide

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